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Clear Cache and deleting Game Data on PlayStation 4

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A player's cache can become corrupted overtime on the PlayStation 4 system which can lead to graphical corruptions and crashes in-game. Many cases of this can be resolved by clearing the cache of the PS4 system. Players can clear their cache by:
  • Turning their PlayStation 4 off (full power cycle, not rest mode)
  • Unplugging the PlayStation 4 for 30 seconds
  • Plugging the PlayStation 4 back in and turning it on

If the game data itself has become corrupted this can often be addressed by deleting the game data and re-installing from the disc/PSN. To delete the game data:
  • Go to Settings in the XrossMedia Bar
  • Choose "Application Saved Data Management"
  • Select "Saved Data in System Storage"
  • Choose the "Delete" option
  • Choose the game saved data and follow any prompts to delete
This will not delete your saved game or wipe your progress on the platform. If you delete your saved game you WILL wipe your progress. Make a back up locally or via PSN just in case.

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