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Failed to Launch - Black Screen and Monitor Out Of Range

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If, when you attempt to launch Killing Floor 2, your monitor goes to a black screen and/or gives you an error message (similar to out of range, no input, etc) the most likely cause is the game is attempting to render at a resolution your monitor is not capable of supporting.

To workaround this issue you can use the command line launch option: -windowed

To set this, navigate to your Steam Library, right click on the game and select properties. Once the properties window has opened, select the "Set Launch Options" button and add the "-windowed" text without the quotation marks into the text box that is presented to you. Select OK to set it and attempt to launch the game again.

We also highly suggest you make sure you are on the latest drivers for your video card.


Intel Integrated Graphics Chips are NOT supported by the game. However updating these drivers may help the game run/work better for you. You can do so HERE.

We are tracking at least one issue where KF 2 does not launch (but appears to try).

For those who see the game try to launch but disappear shortly afterwards, please try the following:
  1. Search on Google for "184x184" and save any image of this size.
  2. Change your avatar (steam image profile) to that 184x184 image.
  3. Try launching the game.

If that didn't work, you probably will be able to play offline doing this:
  1. Start Steam Offline. (or turn off your internet with your Steam open)
  2. Try start the game.

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