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Steam Deck Known Issues

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1) Game client says it's not able to connect to Item Server; Cannot view content on the Inventory screen or Store screen
The fix for this is to change "Steam Play" compatibility to Proton 6.3-8. This older version of the compatibility layer allows the game to properly connect with the item server with no noticeable changes to in-game performance. Note, that despite this issue players can still customize their character, earn Vault dosh and receive post-match item drops.

Close down the game. From the KF2 game page click on the gear icon to open settings.

Go to Properties.

Go to Compatibility and check "Force the use of a specific Steam Play compatibility tool." Select and apply Proton 6.3-8.


2) Game does not take input from buttons or joysticks.
Some users may experience an unresponsive UI on the main menu in game. When the game is run for the first time, it creates some necessary files. It's possible these files may not be created properly, which can cause issues with the interface. Users should try verifying the game files/game cache to force Steam Deck to install these needed files. This process may need to be attempted a few times, but users can also manually remap the controls to use keyboard/mouse inputs.

3) Subscribed Workshop content may not be visible in-game by default.
Subscribed workshop items will download but may not be enabled by default. This means the content will not appear in-game despite the Steam Deck reporting that it was downloaded. Players will have to go into Properties and manually check off what content they want to be enabled.


We created a "Developer Recommend" control scheme for the original Steam Controller; this configuration is applied by default when launching KF2 on the Steam Deck. The only difference from a typical gamepad layout is that the right touchpad feeds the game mouse input. If players experience issues with the mouse cursor appearing unexpectedly, it's recommended to switch the controller configuration to the "Gamepad With Joystick Trackpad" template.

On the Steam Deck, KF2 defaults to High graphic settings @ 720p. The Steam Deck supports 1280 x 800 (16:10 ratio). The game also runs great at 1280x800 but players must select it manually, and the graphics settings can be adjusted if performance is an issue.

Steam Deck is AMD-based so nVidia FLEX graphic settings are not available.

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