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Dosh Vault Rewards - New System

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Some players may experience not getting new Dosh Vault crates awarded to them after the lastest update. In this case, players have been granted too many Dosh Vault rewards, likely via a bug in a previous version of the game that has now been fixed.

The game now double checks how many crates a player has earned more often, making sure to grant any that the player is missing, and not granting one if the earned vs received count doesn't check out. This was the reason many/all users had crate issues opting into the beta. The check here did not initially account for the 5 gift crates given to all players.

We have also discovered that the reward server had a case where it could be too generous, where a client that did not get its reward immediately could ping back out again and get a reward, then be granted the first one which was pending. This would result in an extra crate(s). This should only impact a small portion of our users.

An example case here would be a user who currently has received 12 crates, but only eared 8 (5 gift crates and 3 through play/rewards). The game will not grant additional crates until they have earned another 4 crates. Continued play and earned rewards will continue to be counted and crates should start being granted when the earned/granted match.

For most users who are in this condition, they are over granted 5 or fewer dosh vault crates. If after earning 5 crates you are still not seeing new ones granted, file a support ticket and we can check on your exact situation. In most cases we will let you know how many crates your account is over granted (how many need to be earned before new crates will start being granted). In some rare cases we may (and will ask before we do in most cases) delete your dosh vault items (and only your dosh vault items) and reset the account. This will re-grant you all earned crates up until that point.

Some users (mostly on PC, but some console users may run into these conditions) may be having technical issues reaching our reward server which could also cause new crates and other reward items to not be granted. More on that can be found here:

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