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PlayStation 4 Dosh Vault Account Reset Issue

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With the release of the October 2018 update, an issue was discovered where many PlayStation 4 players dosh Vault account was reset. For some users, their account recovered and counted back all their previously earned dosh, for others it remained at 0. We have found the issue and believe account data may not be lost - However, some users may not properly recover data after the hotfix. We will be providing a hotfix in the near future that resets data to the last known good value. Since it is not possible to use data since the reset, the fix will grant crates to make up for any potential loses or as a gift to players who's accounts remain reset after the fix. We thank you for your patience with this matter.

We recommend waiting until after the hotfix to see if your account recovers its old data back. If so, no further fix on our part will be needed. If not, the support team will need to make a change on your account on our end to allow your account to start earning new crates from its current value.

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